I love you messages

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Looking for a nice love text to send to your significant other? Well, this is the best place for you then! Here you can find a collection of some of the sweetest I love you messages to send to your loved ones. Love is such a powerful emotion – it is capable of bringing people together and bonding them over the littlest things. Love keeps people connected, it brings peace and harmony to those whose lives it enters, so there is no way we are not celebrating it. It also has so many different forms – you can feel it towards your friends, parents, God, country, even yourself! What is even more amusing, it brings two complete strangers together and makes them feel as if they are the only ones in the whole wide world. Now, that kind of love in unique, so if you have been lucky to encounter it, hold on tight! Celebrate it if you have it – these mushy love sms are here if you need some inspiration!

I love you messages on images

Whisper to the stars what you want the most in life and be sure they will grant it – I did the same and I got you! I love you!

You do a million little things that bring to joy to my life.

 Your beauty mesmerizes me. Your sense of humor puts a smile on my face. Your kindness and compassion fill me with awe. Thank you for being all that I could ask for in a woman and so much more.

I pray all of the things we dreamed together will come true. If it happens, I will be the happiest man in the world. I Love you!

If you were cheese, I would be a mouse so I can nibble you bit by bit. If you were milk, I would be a cat so I can drink you sip by sip. But if you were a mouse, I would still be a cat so I can devour you piece by piece. I love you.

I wished on a star one night, wished to have a friend I will love for life, days passed and I started to cry, I didn’t know that my wish came true coz the person I wished for was you.

Know you is fun. Loving you is bliss.

Love Message For Her

There are three certain words that every girl would absolutely love to hear or to receive in a message. Those are, of course, ‘I love you’. They might mean everything to someone, so just uttering those words one can make that someone’s day the best one in their life! If you want to make your significant other’s day complete, then take a look at these love messages for her that will grant you a ton of inspiration!

Love messages for her on pics

I luv ur eyes; i luv ur smile. I cherish ur ways; i adore ur style. Wot can i say? U’r 1 of a kind & 24/7 u’r on my mind!

I never thought that I’ll found someone like you, until one day our love came true.

So far, every moment we’ve spent together has been awesome. But I promise you, that the best is yet to come.

Life is so much richer and more fulfilling since I met you. You fill a void in my heart that no one else could ever fill. I love you!

You are my life, my happiness, my joy. Without you, life will be so dull and boring I’m so thankful to have you in my life. I love you, darling!

Our lives are like a romantic movie played again and again. We smile, we flirt, we laugh and we fight – and we do it all over again. I love you.

I Love You Texts For Him

Struggling to come up with the best way to tell a boy you love him? Well, there’s no need for you to worry – we have compiled some of the best I love you texts for him! People assume that it is impossible to express your feelings through written words, but it can actually turn out to become the most suitable way for your relationships! Love is full of surprises and you should make more of it while you have the chance to, so go on – send that message.

I love you texts for him on images

I love seeing you happy and my biggest reward is seeing you smile.

Our love is the talk of the town and we are glad it is?

I believe that God above created u for me to luv. He picked you out from all the rest ‘cos he knew id luv you the best!

I don’t love you because everybody wants me to. I love you because that is what my heart tells me to.

Since the time I’ve met you, I cry a little less, laugh a little harder and smile all the more, just because I have you, my life is a better place.

The love that we share is like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. Thank you for being my one and only true love!

Cute I Love You Texts

There is nothing as touching as a nice little message with a handful of lovely words written in it. You can impress your loved one with some simple and cute I love you texts, especially if you put your heart and soul into it! The following message ideas will help you show your affection and express your deepest feelings to your beloved, so stop fumbling with the idea – do something!

Cute I love you texts on images

I am so lucky to have you, to be mine I’m glad that you choose me to be your better half I love you!

From random laughs to random kisses, our love has put me in a blissful state of randomness that I never want to come out of. I love you.

I’m having one of those days that make me realize how lost I’d be without you.

I can never be wrong; because loving you feels right.

If I told you I couldn’t live without you, would you know I’m trying to tell you that I love you?

Sweet I love you messages

There are so many people looking for love every single day! It is considered the greatest gift and if you are lucky enough to receive it, hold on tight to it! But that alone isn’t enough – don’t forget to express how warm and fuzzy you feel around that special someone, for it keeps the fire burning. If you seem to struggle to come up with the right words that explain what those butterflies in your stomach are all about, then take a look at these sweet I love you messages!

Sweet I love you messages on images

I really love you because you are so sweet that no one can ever replace you here in my heart. I hope you know that. I love you.

You have gripped my soul with a ferocity reserved for a castaway clinging to a raft in the middle of the ocean. If my soul is the raft, it is your hold that keeps me afloat. Don’t ever let go. I love you.

A love like ours doesn’t happen every day. I feel so blessed to have found someone who is an ideal match for me. I love you so much!

I will be the earth that holds you. I will be the light to guide you. I will search the world to find you. I love you!

Loving you comes so naturally. Just seeing you walk into a room puts a smile on my face and a spring in my step.

Love messages for wife

Marriage is hard work. Your excitement about your partner tends to turn into a routine that you both become quite sick of. You get too comfortable and then lose that special connection, so if you want to keep the fire burning, use some of these love messages for your wife – we can assure you she will find them lovely!

Love messages for your wife on images

The sun can rise, the sun can set, but my day will never start until I get. A text from you, followed by a hug, and later a lot of kisses over a warm coffee mug. I love you.

To the one I love, I wish you a good night, the sweetest of sweet dreams and enough joy for you to wake up to. Good night my Darling.

You are so naturally beautiful, if there were more like you beauty parlors would have gone out of business. Love you!

All my dreams came true the day I met you! Need I say more, I love you!

I Love You Messages On Images

Love messages for your wife on pics

Sweet I love you messages on pics

Love message for her on pictures

I love you texts for him on pics

Sweet I love you sms on pics

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