Sexy Birthday Quotes

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The person you love has a birthday soon. Are you well-prepared? This time you should forget about boring birthday cards. Discover one of the best collections of sexy birthday quotes which you should use to compose a perfect birthday card. Your sweetheart will be happy to receive such greeting with these wonderful sexy birthday quotes. This is such a great opportunity to show your sincere feelings. So, do not feel shy to send one of the following sexy happy birthday message ideas. You will make your second half really happy.

Sexy birthday cards

Sexy birthday quotes

Right after you came, everything just became hotter. Hmm…should we make your celebrated day even hotter? Birthday wishes to the hottest man alive!

Hope to still look at you, and only at you for the next years of my life!

I am sorry I am stuck in work all day, but I will make it up to you tonight. I think you know what I mean. Rest up; you are going to need all your energy for later.

How about you give two birthday parties this year? One for all your friends. And the second one just for me. We can both pretend to be birthday cakes and devour each other from head to toe. Happy birthday, darling.

The surprise doesn’t end after the party. When your friends have left, and the house has become silent, we’d go on with the wildest part of your party—with just the two of us. Happy Birthday, darling.

Today is the day of your Birthday! May your year goes happy an in love my dear!!! Happy Birthday my future!!

Where is my sexy woman? I am going to catch you right now, I will chain you to me and will never ever leave.

I don’t think I should buy any food for you birthday. We have each other to devour anyway, right? Let’s make this night the most flavorful night of all time. Happy Birthday to the most appetizing person.

Sexy birthday illustrations

Sexy birthday quotes for her

Are you searching for creative birthday message ideas for your girlfriend? Sexy Birthday quotes for her are what you need right now. These words will make your woman feel very happy and special.

Besides the gift that I’ve already given you on your birthday, I’m going to let you unwrap me as a sizzling birthday present. I’m all yours, today and forever. Happy birthday, love.

I’ll tell you my gift: I’ll be your most obedient slave for this hot and sizzling night. Happy Birthday, sexy.

Due to your birthday, let’s do something dirty and naughty. This rendezvous we will never forget! My honey, happy birthday!

You are my drugs, you know that? I just can’t get enough of you. You keep me coming back for more. I really am in love with you, aren’t I? I think it’s pretty obvious. Happy birthday, lovely

I’m so lucky to have someone that makes people’s heads turn when she walks. My love, happy birthday!

This night we will do the dirtiest things which have never passed through your mind. Prepare yourself for the hottest night, my love! Do you think you will handle it, baby?

The birthday party is over, but I have one more surprise for you. Let’s wait till our friends leave and we will start out private hot party just with you and me. Baby, happy birthday!

Best Birthday to the one I would give my breath without remorse!

Sexy birthday quotes for her image

Dirty birthday wishes for loved girls

Girls love to receive sexy messages especially due to their birthdays. This is her special day and you should do everything to make your woman happy. This is a great idea to send your beloved these dirty birthday wishes for loved girls.

I have a girlfriend who never misses a beat, but whose one look cause increase my heart beat. A very happy Birthday to my girlfriend who makes my heart beat, off beat.

What do you get when you blend excellence and hotness and afterward join the two with a hot identity? All things considered, YOU. Happy birthday!

Don’t even bother wearing good clothes today because I am going to rip them apart later anyway. I can’t wait to see you in your birthday suit. Happy birthday, you sexy thing.

A partner better than you does not exist in the entire universe. I wish to spend your birthday in the bed – a wild celebration. Let’s rock the party. Happy birthday, my love!

Baby, I am in fire. Will you come to help me, because you are the woman who started the flame? I will make you the happiest birthday woman ever!

Here is the schedule for your birthday. In the morning I will give you the gift and treat with the best breakfast in the evening we will enjoy time with friends and the night will be for us and our wild adventure! Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

Hey sexy, yummiest birthday to you! Can’t wait to see you tonight.

Baby, I know you have already received a birthday gift, but I have one more. I will let you undress me like a sizzling gift. I am only yours and you can do with me all what you want. Happy Birthday, my biggest love!

Dirty birthday wishes for loved girls

Sexy quotes for him

Birthday of your man is a perfect opportunity for surprise him. You can create a very special atmosphere by sending your man one of these sexy quotes for him. These words will make your boyfriend feel very hot and he will be waiting impatiently to receive his birthday gift.

The moment my eyes see you, the day becomes much brighter and hotter. Let’s celebrate with all passion we have. Happy birthday, the hottest man on this planet.

Directly after you came, everything just wound up noticeably more sweltering. Gee… would it be a good idea for us to make your commended day significantly more sultry? Birthday wishes to the most blazing man alive!

I got you two birthday gifts, one of which I am giving you right now. And as a second gift, I bought myself hot lingerie to give you a hot treat later at night. Hope you like it. Happy birthday, dear.

It is time to blow out the candles and start to celebrate your birthday in the most passionate way ever. Happy Birthday, my love!

Can’t wait to get messy tonight. Happy birthday!

Make sure you get a birthday cake that has lots of cream topping. Later, once everyone is gone, you can smear me with the cake and lick the cream off my body. Wish you a sizzling birthday.

On your birthday today let’s do something that will be our naughtiest memory ever! Let’s indulge in a hot rendezvous that we both will remember for the rest of our lives. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

I wanna check the lever of your naughtiness this night. Are you ready? Happy Birthday, my love!

Sexy Birthday Wish For him

Sexy birthday quotes for men

I have the hottest boyfriend in town. Thanks for making all the girls jealous. Happy Birthday, sexy!

A partner better than you does not exist in the entire universe. I wish to spend your birthday in the bed – a wild celebration. Let’s rock the party. Happy birthday, my love!

I am going to give you birthday bumps today. And by that, I mean scratches and bite marks all over your body. I love you, Happy birthday honey.

Honey, prepare yourself for unbridled passion. I wanna celebrate your birthday with all my charm and passion. You will see how strong my love and passion are. Happy Birthday!

Do you know that you become sexier each year? My hot macho, Happy Birthday!

You need to rest today. You need to be strong for tonight :). Happy bday!

I feel so guilty that I have to be in the office when it is your birthday! Now you can refill your energy, because in the evening you will need it badly!

With every year your become more sexier. Today is your birthday and your sexiness grows more.

Sexy birthday pics for men

Naughty birthday wishes

Even do not think about sending your partner a boring birthday card. Such greetings lack creativity and sentiments. This year you should send your dear person one of the following naughty birthday wishes. You will see that the reaction will be awesome!

I will show you my birthday gift at night when we will enter the bed. This is a unique gift for a unique person. Can you guess what it is, baby? Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

I hope you did not invite anyone tonight. They can come over tomorrow. I want the house to be all ours tonight. Happy birthday.

I couldn’t decide which dress to wear when I treat you to a romantic dinner at home on your birthday. So I decided to wear nothing at all. After dinner, we can have each other for dessert. Happy birthday, my love.

I can’t tell you all the dirty things I’m going to do to you tonight. But be prepared for a night that you are going to remember forever. Hope you can handle it! Happy birthday sweetheart.

Prepare the bathtub with you in it. I’m coming home to celebrate your birthday!

On your birthday today, let’s pretend that you are my boss. So here goes, Happy Birthday Boss–From a very naughty secretary who is going to do very naughty things to you tonight.

Million of kisses and naughty fantasies are rushing to you, my sweetheart. I will make you feel so special tonight. Happy Birthday! I love you!

I know we haven’t found the time to see each other often these days. But tonight you are going to see a lot of me and I’m going to do a lot of nasty things to you. That’s your birthday treat, honey. Happy birthday.

Naughty birthday wishes

Dirty happy birthday quotes

A birthday greeting can be very creative and hot. If you want to surprise your dear person, you should pay attention to these dirty happy birthday quotes and pick up the hottest quote.

I haven’t met anyone as sexy and stunning as you are. Thank you for loving me. Happy birthday!

If you thought I was simply going to give you good wishes on your Happy Birthday and walk away, you’re so wrong! I’m here to ask for a Birthday party and a return gift too! Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

You are always our little candle that lights up our way to the future. Happy Birthday, cutie.

It’s your birthday! I’m bringing the fire extinguisher! Let’s get this party started! Happy Birthday! May all your dreams come true this new year!

Only special people receive wishes from my side. And you have always been on the top of the list. Yes, I mean it.

I’ve been spending more hours at work so that I could get you a nice expensive birthday present. I have also been spending more hours at the gym so I could get back in shape and seduce you tonight. I hope you like both your present and my sensual seduction! Happy birthday to the sexiest person alive.

Is it just me or are you actually getting hotter with each year? Only one way to find out, see you tonight, naughty naughty. Happy birthday!

I have prepared a list of things for tonight. So get ready it’s going to be a long night! Happy birthday.

Dirty Birthday Wish

Funny sexy birthday wishes

Would you like to receive such funny sexy birthday wishes? Your partner will enjoy them too. Give a try and greet your sweetheart in a very sexy way. This birthday he or she will never forget!

You know that I will wear my favorite dress tonight, but I have a feeling that it won’t last long. Happy birthday!

Let your imagination run wild today. You’re permitted to do whatever you want on me!

Baby, I want you to wear just the moonlight and million of my kisses tonight. Happy Birthday!

Guess where I’m going to eat my piece of cake on. It’s gonna be even sweeter! Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday to someone I love more than Nutella! I hope your special day is perfect and you get everything you ever wanted and more!

The best place for me is the place where I can kiss you and where we can exchange our love and passion. Are you ready for a hot adventure, my love? Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to my sexy lover! I’m burning for tonight’s party!

Funny sexy birthday wishes

Nasty birthday wishes

Usually, we receive very boring birthday cards. People are too lazy to create something interesting. You should break this habit and compose a very sexy message with one of these nasty birthday wishes. Such birthday text will make a great impression!

Baby, today is your birthday and I want to eat you all. Why do we have to go to the restaurant if we have a bed and each other? This night will be the most flavorful of all what we had before. You are so delicious! Happy Birthday!

I’ll be working hard on your birthday – working hard to please you beyond your imagination baby. Happy birthday!

Are you ready for a wild night due to your birthday! I am on my way into your arms. Kiss you passionately!

If no one else has made the attempt to tell you yet, let me tell you…You are a wonderful person. You have great talents inside you and you can achieve your dreams. Go ahead and live happily and spread selfless love everywhere you go.

Babe, you always keep me alive and kicking. You are my caffeine when I feel tired. Happy birthday!

I want to wish you Habby Birthday, honey! I wanna give you all my love and passion. Your presence in my life makes me so rich and happy! I love you, my naughty!

You’re the hottest ever! Happy birthday!

Nasty birthday images

Erotic birthday messages

Discover a very sexy collection of birthday wishes. Erotic Birthday Messages will inspire you to greet your lover in a very special way. Stop being shy! Enjoy your love, enjoy your relationships and express your sexuality in a very creative way!

I will show you my birthday gift at night when we will enter the bed. This is a unique gift for a unique person. Can you guess what it is, baby? Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

Thanks for everything that you have done for me. It’s time to celebrate your big-day with great enthusiasm. Happy birthday to my dearest!

Honey, thank you for making me feel so hot and sexy. Happy birthday!

Who could ever tell that someone like you would love me? You’re one radiating creature. Have the best of birthdays sweet honey!

May your day be brighten up with all the colors of life, may you get all what you truly wanted, here is wishing you a very happy birthday!

I have a special birthday gift for you, I will pick you up in the evening and bring to the paradise. Happy Birthday, my darling!

Candles will be burning, but nothing beats my burning desire for you. Happy birthday baby.

Never doubt on yourself. You’re always the best. Just continue to be like that. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday to you. In your honor I will refrain from doing the Whip and Nae Nae dance! Of course if you really want me to I can bust a move.

How about you give two birthday parties this year? One for all your friends. And the second one just for me. We can both pretend to be birthday cakes and devour each other from head to toe. Happy birthday darling.

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