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People in different regions around the world have their own unique slang that can only be understood by them. The intelligent community of spies and analysts is no different, believe it or not. For those who work in the shadows of the intelligence community, certain words mean something completely different than what they mean to us – those who are not connected to that. Want to talk like a spy? Well, look no further – here are some of the best spy phrases out there! With these, you will definitely improve your language that will make you able to show off to all your friends! Enjoy these spy quotes and wait ‘till you get to my teeth, bastard.

Spy Quotes

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What I really found was that the one similarity between ‘Covert Affairs’ and ‘Fair Game’ is a deep love and admiration and fascination with the home life of a spy.

Our mobile phones have become the greatest spy on the planet.

“The fearful danger of the present time is that above the cry for authority, we forget that man stands alone before the ultimate authority, and that anyone who lays violent hands on man here, is infringing eternal laws, and taking upon himself superhuman authority, which will eventually crush him.” ― Dietrich Bonhoeffer

“Perhaps the wolf wasn’t quite so dangerous as he pretended. Unfortunately, there was only one way to find out for sure——give him a little rope and see if he hung himself.And pray that he didn’t tie her up with it instead.” ― Sabrina Jeffries, Dance of Seduction

“Good neighbors always spy on you to make sure you are doing well.”

You could say that all novels are spy novels and all novelists are spy masters.

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The plan! I will pretend that I am a spy and that the interaction is happening in code.
I will write down the code sentences to be used.
Then I will hide in the closet and make the call in a sly, secretive manner. Oho!

Six words that can ruin your…

“The spy is such a way where you target your hunting. If you fail, it is the severe humiliation of you, stop that, and accept the defeat than going forward to nothing.”

“Oh, that? I never thought it was eavesdropping, Aslan. Wasn’t it magic?” “Spying on people by magic is the same as spying on them in any other way.”

The creation of George Smiley, the retired spy recalled to hunt for just such a high-ranking mole in ‘Tinker, Tailor,’ was extremely personal. I borrowed elements of people I admired and invested them in this mythical character. I’m such a fluent, specious person now, but I was an extremely awkward fellow in those days.

Funny Spy Quotes

There are hundreds of movies that shed light on the incredibly interesting world of spies and we thought it would be great to share some of the best quotes from them with you! Spy movies tend to be quite loud and action-filled, yet there is always a place for a bit of humour. Enjoy these funny spy quotes that will make you giggle with laughter!

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These days, I feel like a chunky spy in a thinner world. Strangers tell fat jokes in front of me. Jokes not meant for me. But… completely for the woman I used to be 150 pounds ago. The woman I could be again one day. The woman I will always be inside. Because being thinner doesn’t make you a different person. It just makes you thinner.

“I’ve always wanted to play a spy, because it is the ultimate acting exercise. You are never what you seem.”

“Are you watching the boats?” Cornelia guessed. She craned her neck to see if there was any excitement on the river. Heavens no, I’m spying on people,” Virginia responded unrepentantly.

I find a difference in British spy fiction and American spy fiction. In the American version, it’s more militaristic, partly because the CIA has more of the military makeup. Whereas MI6 is more of a cerebral, intelligence-based, relationship-based service, i.e., all they do is recruit people to get information out of them.

“Spy’ is such a short ugly word. I prefer ‘espionage.’ Those extra three syllables really say something.”

“It was a bit late to repair the damage, but Harry swore to himself not to meddle in things that weren’t his business from now on. He’d had it with sneaking around and spying.”

Spy Quotes

There are some special terms that shed light on the secret world of spycraft, which help professionals at CIA, NSA or any other intelligence service of the military talk. Today we decided to share some of the best spy slang and spy quotes with you! With these, you will be able to understand any spy movie and maybe become a member of the CIA – who knows?!

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It’s the oldest question of all, George. Who can spy on the spies?

Mrs O’Grady has been sentenced to death. Personally I doubt whether she is guilty of anything more than collecting information. She probably pictured herself as a master spy, and cannot bring herself to say that there was really nothing behind it all.

Though I perchance am vicious in my guess, As, I confess, it is my nature’s plague To spy into abuses, and oft my jealousy Shapes faults that are not.

The great advantage of being a writer is that you can spy on people. You’re there, listening to every word, but part of you is observing. Everything is useful to a writer, you see – every scrap, even the longest and most boring of luncheon parties.

All seems infected that the infected spy, As all looks yellow to the jaundiced eye .

“A bad friend is nothing but a spy”

Famous Spy Movie Quotes

They say that in the world of espionage, the catchy phrases that you’ll find in the movies don’t exist. But isn’t it fun when we hear something like ‘The red fox trots quietly at midnight’? Well, if you are into it as much as we are, you are sure to enjoy this collection of famous spy movie quotes then! Let us know which one would be your code phrase!

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Aldo: One day, lady superspy Susan Cooper, I will fuck you.

The role of women has always been undervalued in the spy world, always undermined in terms of recognition. Unfairly so. It’s a world that needs women.

“I didn’t know what was more disturbing—the fact that something was obviously wrong, or that three faculty members of the world’s premiere spy school had forgotten to lock the door.”

“There will come a time when it isn’t ‘They’re spying on me through my phone’ anymore. Eventually, it will be ‘My phone is spying on me’.”

Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson: I’m a motherfucking spy. Let’s go shoot somebody else!

It’s rather fun writing a female spy, because she has so much more kit. Bond never carried a hair dryer or a makeup bag. And he certainly didn’t wear an uplift bra.

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