Suicide Quotes

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Nearly everyone goes through a bit of a tough time at a point in their lives. That period may go as far and depression, which quite often leads to suicidal thoughts and wishes. The factors that lead to that potentially happening might be different – environmental factors, past traumatic experiences, dealing with mental illness recovery or something completely different. All that might be a reason for to google suicide quotes in the middle of the night. It’s not the best state to be in, to be honest. In some cases, your depression might become so overwhelming, that we find ourselves unable to cope with it. The inability to do so leads us to the “I want to kill myself” thoughts because we believe that there is no salvation to the problem. Below you can find a collection of quotes about suicide that would explain what it’s like to be experiencing such a state.

Suicide Quotes

Awesome suicide quotes on images

“The only difference between a suicide and a martyrdom really is the amount of press coverage.”
― Chuck Palahniuk

“But in the end one needs more courage to live than to kill himself.”
― Albert Camus

“I don’t want to hurt you or anybody so please forget about me. Just try. Find yourself a better friend.”
― Nina LaCour, Hold Still

“Suicide is a form of murder – premeditated murder. It isn’t something you do the first time you think of doing it. It takes getting used to. And you need the means, the opportunity, the motive. A successful suicide demands good organization and a cool head, both of which are usually incompatible with the suicidal state of mind.”
― Susanna Kaysen, Girl, Interrupted

Depression And Suicidal Quotes

No one is immune to feeling sad or even depressed and, might I say, suicidal. Even those who seem upbeat and put together all the time might have a whole different world deep down inside. Many celebrities have fallen victims to suicide. Take Robin Williams, for example. The man is famous for his meaningful comedy roles and yet his personal life appeared to be something completely different to what was broadcasted on the screen. Here are some depression and suicidal quotes for you to get how hard it is to go through things like that.

Depression and suicidal images with quotes

I think suicide is sort of like cancer was 50 years ago. People don’t want to talk about it, they don’t want to know about it. People are frightened of it, and they don’t understand, when actually these issues are medically treatable.

Killing yourself is a major commitment, it takes a kind of courage. Most people just lead lives of cowardly desperation. It’s kinda half suicide where you just dull yourself with substances.

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

Suicide is a serious thing. And if you know anyone who is suicidal, you need to get them help. No one should be in pain. Everyone should love themselves.

We need to change the culture of this topic and make it OK to speak about mental health and suicide.

Famous Suicide Notes

For one reason or another, these famous people have chosen to end their lives by committing suicide, and this post is dedicated to famous suicide notes left by some of the celebrities you surely know. Just as like they were notable in their career paths, they were notable in their deaths, which definitely came as a shock to their numerous fans as well as friends and family.

Famous suicide notes on pics

Razors pain you; rivers are damp; acids stain you; and drugs cause cramp. Guns aren’t lawful; nooses give; gas smells awful; you might as well live.

No one ever lacks a good reason for suicide.

Here take back the stuff that I am, nature, knead it back into the dough of being, make of me a bush, a cloud, whatever you will, even a man, only no longer make me.

Quotes About Suicidal Death

Surviving and fighting are hugely celebrated as acts of bravery, though one would hardly call suicide cowardly or selfish. The intrusive thoughts of wanting to kill yourself can create a cloud of depressing thoughts that cause you to forget about everything nice you have in your ‘external’ life. It is so easy to convince yourself that you are a burden when you are actually not. It is also easy to think that the world is better off without you, yet it is not true, of course. Here are some quotes about suicidal death that might get you out of the dark place.

Quotes on pics about suicidal death

“This is what life looks like. People who love each other. A home.
You should take a moment, feel it. You still have time.”

Patients who are being kept alive by technology and want to end their lives already have a recognized constitutional right to stop any and all medical interventions, from respirators to antibiotics. They do not need physician-assisted suicide or euthanasia.

“Did you really want to die?””No one commits suicide because they want to die.””Then why do they do it?””Because they want to stop the pain.”
― Tiffanie DeBartolo, How to Kill a Rock Star

“Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.” – Harriet Beecher Stowe

Killing Myself Quotes

It is so easy to think that the wish to kill oneself is going to stay around forever. Things like sadness or depression take over your mind in such a way that you cannot recall what your life was like before you got depressed. The thoughts you get in a bad mental state are vicious bastards that make it too hard for you to see the light. These killing myself quotes might out you off that for a while. You are loved. You are valued. You are needed.

Killing myself quotes on images

“Think of all the beauty thats still left in and around you and be happy!” – Anne Frank

“I do not believe that sheer suffering teaches. If suffering alone taught, all the world would be wise, since everyone suffers. To suffering must be added mourning, understanding, patience, love, openness and the willingness to remain vulnerable.” – Joseph Addison

“When we seek to discover the best in others, we somehow bring out the best in ourselves.” – William Arthur Ward

“It is not what we get. But who we become, what we contribute… that gives meaning to our lives.” – Anthony Robbins

When it is darkest, we can see the stars.–Ralph Waldo Emerson

Short Suicide Poems

Some of the most intrusive thoughts one could get are those that tell them that life is pointless and it has to be out to an end. You simply cannot even imagine what the person right beside you is going through right now. And because you can’t, it might come as a surprise if your role models have committed suicide. Artists make art out of everything and here are some of the best short suicide poems we have collected for you.

Short suicide poems on images

Never never never give up. – Winston Churchill

One day, somehow I’m going to get out of here

You might want to work on your team motivation

Outside you’re amazing. Inside you’re ugly

Wanna Die Quotes

Depression can be incredibly lonely and isolating. This is why people who are going through tough times go online to find a bit of sanity through sharing what’s in their heart of hearts. People share their favourite quotes and sayings that express exactly what and how they feel. If that gives you sanity, here are some wanna die quotes. We understand you like no one else.

Wanna die quotes on pictures

So how unique is suicide bombing? If it is special – and I believe that in a sense it is – that is not because of the motives involved. (…) The uniqueness of suicidebombing (…) resides, one might say, not in its essence but in its circumstances.

War is (…) a collectively organized, legitimized, and moralized game of destruction that is played much more savagely by the civilized than the uncivilized.

So, war is a legally sanctioned concept, and the hateful killing perpetrated by unlicenced militants is not. And yet soldiers are taught to hate the enemy they are required to kill; the fact of killing being legally sanctioned is an abstract irrelevance. In this regard, soldiers are no different from terrorists.

My argument is directed against thinking of terrorism simply as an illegal and immoral form of violence and advocates an examination of what the discourse of terror – and the perpetration of terror – does in the world of power.

People dying is not a fun experience, especially when they lost their lives at their own diseased hands.

Suicidal Love Quotes

This post holds a collection of many suicidal love quotes written by many people. If you have a friend or a lover who you think is suffering from suicidal thoughts, go ahead and send them these – the sayings will help them to stay grounded and aware of the fact that they are loved and appreciated by more people they can think of. Remember, that the best way to some out of a heartbreaking situation is to go for a big loud cry and a bit of self-care. You are so valued, love. It’s going to be okay.

Suicidal love quotes on pics

“You’re working hard, I’m not, and in 100 years, we’ll both be dead.” — Wally (from Scott Adams’ Dilbert strip).

“Rugby Players Eat Their Dead.” — Bumper sticker.

“A safe can’t walk behind a hearse.”

“Who would not shudder if he were given the choice of eternal death or life again as a child ? Who would not choose to die ?”    — St. Augustine.

“I will commit suicide or die trying.” — andy.

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